The Sky Is Not Her Limit.

Joy Halperin 2018 MBA

Delta Air Lines knew they couldn’t keep Joy Halperin grounded forever. The budding project manager, who was rising up their ranks developing digital and e-commerce solutions, wanted, and needed, to spread her wings. And even though Joy had a love for her career and all of the opportunities it offered, there was still something more calling her—and Joy knew she had to hone her business skills to find it.


“I wanted to pursue something that had a broader strategy focus.” Halperin says. “I knew getting an MBA would help round out my business skills and open up some opportunities to make a career pivot, I just didn’t know how.”


With the help of her career coach at Goizueta’s MBA Career Management Center, Joy plotted out her path to a career in business consulting, and crafted a course load that would give her the best chance to find her calling.


“I was really focused on building myself into a well-rounded thinker,” Halperin says. “Getting my MBA was about growing my confidence in myself. Knowing that I could walk into some of the most difficult business situations and come out with strong solutions.”

I was really focused on building myself into a well-rounded thinker

Along the way, Joy took advantage of every offering that Goizueta’s Career Management Center provided. Through Emory’s online job board, Joy applied for a role at The Boston Consulting Group. Soon after, she reached out to several alumni who were connected to the company, and spoke with them at length about their experiences at the firm. Their insight proved invaluable, both in helping Joy glean more understanding about the position, and in preparing her for the forthcoming interviews.


Of course, Joy landed the job offer, and is now using her robust skillset to relaunch her career in global management consulting, in a trajectory that no 747 could match.