Newsflash: Goizueta’s Career Management Center Centered Around Managing Careers

Walk in the Career Management Center’s doors, and walk out one year later brimming with confidence.


Let’s be honest, “One-Year Program” is kind of a misnomer.


Sure, technically you’ll receive your Goizueta MBA in just 12 short months, but the degree, skills, knowledge, network, and guidance will last your entire career.


At the Career Management Center (CMC), Goizueta partners with you before, during, and after you leave campus to help you carve out your unique place in the business world.


Goizueta students are eager to learn and even more eager to elevate their careers. They’re also extremely curious. Here are some of the most frequently and not-so-frequently Asked Questions, posed by students.


Maureen Manion-Leone

Associate Dean & Executive Director,
MBA Career Management

Dear Maureen,
What does the Career Management Center do?
New To This

Dear New, the CMC is a career management resource center that helps Goizueta students understand the job market, plan for the future, and reach their professional goals.


The CMC employs full-time staff, which includes personal career coaches, who help you understand your career interests and map out your short- and long-term career goals. The Employer Relations team sets up company presentations and networking meet-ups to connect you to hundreds of business leaders and alumni in the Goizueta network. Career coaches help you develop your personal pitch to separate you from your peers.


Simply put: The CMC is a go-to resource for developing career confidence. We hope students use it early and often.

Dear Maureen,
There are a lot of careers out there. How do I figure out what’s best for me?

DEAR JACK, you are not alone. We know how overwhelming deciding your next career can be. That’s why before you step foot on campus, the CMC will reach out to you and get you started on a career assessment to gauge your career interests. When you arrive on campus you will meet with a career coach who will discuss your strengths, weaknesses, outside interests, and optimal career options—to gain deeper insight into where you want to go and how Goizueta can best position you to get there.


This is when the partnership really kicks in. Your career coaches start the conversation, but it’s up to you to keep it going. Figuring out the best career for you and landing that dream job requires a lot of self-reflection and preparation. So be sure to stay engaged with your coach; they are here and ready to help you any time


Simply put: The CMC is a go-to resource for developing career confidence. We hope students use it early and often.

Dear Maureen,
What else does the Career Management Center offer besides “guidance” or helping students “map out their futures?”
Warm Regards,

DEAR CANDID, Goizueta’s Career Management Center sets up targeted events, presentations, and training sessions along the way. So you can learn firsthand from leaders in the fields you’re interested in, talk with them about their motivations, and create connections in the industries you are interested in. Even during your initial summer session, when you’re diving headfirst into core courses, you can take advantage of Goizueta’s various workshops, alumni panels, and networking events.

Dear Maureen,
What’s the deal AFTER graduation?

DEAR TEN, it’s always great to think ahead. After you graduate, you’ll have access to the CMC for three months, and after, you may use career counseling through the Alumni Career Services office. As you transition throughout your career, Alumni Career Services acts as a resource for everything including consultations, resume review, and interview prep. Through both offices, the CMC and Alumni Career Services, you also will have continuous access to job postings.

Dear Maureen,
Connections are important. This is not a question. This is a statement.

DEAR ALL BIZ, you’re right—­interpersonal relationships are essential in the business world, especially when it comes to finding a job and boosting your career. Many Goizueta alumni go on to become our best recruiters—tapping into recent or soon-to-be grads to fill positions and jumpstart careers. The CMC stays connected to them all.

Dear Maureen,
So how do I, and other students, take advantage of the CMC?

DEAR ACTION-ORIENTED, the CMC interacts with you from the start. We are part of your onboarding before school starts, and when semester courses begin, there is dedicated time in your schedule to meet with us.  We are open all year, ready for you to come in and work collaboratively on your career plan.  And of course, we are always here when students simply pop in for a visit.