Atlanta Is Rising. All The Way Up.

Thanks to a growing population and economic transformation, Atlanta isn’t just rising again—it’s rising again and again and again.


No longer just a mover and shaker in the south—Atlanta is now mentioned in the same breath as New York, San Francisco, Sydney and Nanjing. And for good reason, too. This thriving global metropolis is home to the fourth most Fortune 500 companies in America, and has become a driving force in the world economy.


At Goizueta, students are connected to it all.


By location. through partnerships with local business leaders and corporations and even in the pulse of the people.


Goizueta knows the trends, neighborhoods, history and trajectory of this dynamic citybecause the faculty, staff, and students have lived, worked, and built up Atlanta’s local economy for the past 100 years.


In a country founded on opportunity, Atlanta is once again living up to its city’s motto of  “Resurgens,”  Latin for “Rising Again.” It is a city that has rebuilt, rejuvenated, and redefined opportunity.


Your piece of the (peach) pie is waiting.


The only thing left to do is to go get it.