The Investment is Mutual: A Letter From Dean Erika James.

In every business, there are goals to reach.

Whether you head up a Fortune 500, lead a top-ranked educational institution, or help run a fresh-squeezed lemonade stand in your neighbor’s front yard—there are always numbers to hit.


At Goizueta, we measure success differently—looking at business beyond the bottom line. It’s not enough to just focus on career growth and personal gain. We believe our efforts should positively impact society as a whole. These goals, our numbers, all of our yearly projections—are set with you in mind. Which is why one way to determine whether or not we’ve met our goals is if you meet yours.


You don’t run a successful school, or a business, for 100 years without gaining a little experience, and you don’t move forward without pushing limits. Only here, where leadership training is offered on an actual U.S. Army base, will you learn through action. Only now, at a time when Atlanta is buzzing with opportunity, is success ripe for the taking. Only if you invest in yourself, will your dreams be met.


So we encourage you to set the bar, pave the way, and go beyond traditional thinking. You invest in us—and we in turn invest in you. We invest in your dreams to capture that corner office or create your own company. We invest in your goal to grow the world’s economy and help others. We invest in your efforts to keep trade waters flowing and global business honest. Most importantly, we invest in your ability to honor our school’s legacy by transforming the future.

You have the vision, the talent and the courage to succeed. We have the knowledge, experience and connections to help you get there.


What happens next is up to you. Just know that at Goizueta, we’re committed to push you, support you, and figure it all out, together.

Erika H. James
John H. Harland Dean
Goizueta Business School

Signature Erika James