Faculty Spotlight

Charlie Goetz

Professor of Entrepreneurship and Business Development

If you follow cable news, senior lecturer Charlie Goetz will be a familiar face. Regularly appear­ing in interviews on CNN, NPR, and Fox News, Goetz lends his expertise on small businesses and entrepreneurship. Known as a “serial en­trepreneur,” Goetz is also a prolific mentor for students and alumni across the school, intro­ducing many to the resources necessary for developing, funding, and launching their busi­ness ideas. His books on the topic include The Great Entrepreneurial Divide and So You Want to Start a Business! Using his mathematical model, “Marketnomics” he teaches students to quantify perceived customer value by product features to create products with substantially greater value at lower cost and higher demand.

Jill Perry-Smith

Associate Professor of Organization and Management

Jill Perry-Smith knows the value of differing opinions. At Goizueta, she specializes in the effects of informal social networks on creativity and the impact of work-life initiatives on firm and individual performance. Two of her recent studies found that dormant creativity can be unlocked by pairing acquaintances from different functional backgrounds. “One way to nurture your dormant creativity is to seek out people you don’t know well—acquaintances, even virtual strangers,” Perry-Smith explained in her recent TEDx Peachtree lecture. “Because we hold implicit expectations that the people we’re close with will agree with us, when we work with people with differing perspectives,we can work together to discover new ideas.”

Raymond Hill

Associate Professor of Finance

Former Fulbright Fellow and current manage­rial economics and finance professor Raymond Hill has traveled the world working in the upper echelon of international business. As an invest­ment banker with Lehman Brothers, he worked for seven years in Hong Kong and served as the firm’s managing director of its investment banking business in Asia outside of Japan. After returning to his home state of Georgia, he became the chief financial officer for a sub­sidiary of Southern Company and briefly took over as CEO at one of Southern’s subsidiaries in Asia. Hill earned his undergraduate degree at Princeton and his PhD in economics from MIT. He also studied at the Institut de Hautes Études Internationales in Geneva under the Fulbright Fellowship program.

Sandy Jap

Professor of Marketing

Award-winning marketing professor Sandy Jap is known as a leading figure throughout the marketing and business worlds. Her work exploring the development of organizational relationships, go-to-market strategies, and e-procurement has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, CFO Magazine,and the Har­vard Business Review. Her most recent work, Partnering with the Frenemy, explores how and why partners who start as non-compet­itive “friends” often become “enemies” over time. She teaches channel strategy and re­tailing management for MBA, executive and undergraduate programs, and the marketing strategy seminar in the PhD program.