Research Centers and Initiatives

Goizueta is student-centered

If you’re looking to dive deeper into innovative research that can drive creative business solutions, Goizueta’s Center Fellowships provide students the opportunity to work side-by-side with faculty members to put learning into practice.

Stronger markets mean stronger commu­nities, which means less poverty and increased prosperity. From empowering small business owners around the world through the Start:ME Accelerator program to advancing healthcare systems right in Goizueta’s own backyard, these outcomes are what Goizueta’s Social Enterprise research center actively works to foster for the betterment of society.

Emory’s Marketing Analytics Center (EmoryMAC) is dedicated to creating and disseminating findings and techniques that improve how marketing performs, with the ultimate goal of making sure efforts reach the right people, in the right way, at the right time. Analytics are a staple of modern business, and this center gives number-crunching students the ability to make the numbers crunch for them.

Through its research, classes, conferences, competitions, seminars, and publications, Goizueta’s Center for Alternative Invest­ments provides education and builds community around the alternative invest­ment industry. While stocks and bonds will always have their place, the growth of alternative finance—from private equity and futures to art and wine—cannot be denied.

The Goizueta Entrepreneurship Initiative is designed to support entrepreneurial aspi­rations for students at every stage of their careers and each phase of venture creation. From those who plan to start a business to those focused on “intra-preneurial thinking” and everyone in between, Goizueta provides educational content, intellectual engage­ment, co-curricular initiatives, and infra­structure to help you succeed.