Academic Excellence

You’re Never Too Old to Choose Your Own Adventure.

From advanced analytics to zero-based budgeting, your career goals are just that: yours.


Even though the Goizueta name will be permanently stamped on your diploma, let’s get one thing straight: this is your MBA, your program, your experience, and your career. So shouldn’t you get to chart your own course?


After your core summer classes are complete, choose from concentrations and electives available at Goizueta, across Emory, and at other partner institutions. Craft a curriculum centered around your personal interests—or explore areas of interest that are directly, indirectly, or not-yet connected to your desired field.


Gather insight into healthcare and finance by gaining a better understanding of sociology and social enterprise. Discover how the worlds of investment banking and technology management are connected at the hip—and in every cellphone on the planet. At Goizueta, you can become both a jack of all trades and the master of one.


There’s no direct path to success. There is no golden ticket or yellow brick road. You create your calling and determine your own destiny. Goizueta helps you find the way.

We make connections that make careers

Sample MBA Concentrations

    • Accounting
    • Brand Management
    • Capital Markets
    • Corporate Finance
    • Decision Analysis
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Global Management
    • Healthcare Consulting
    • Investment Banking

    • Marketing
    • Marketing Analytics
    • Operations Management
    • Private Equity
    • Product Management
    • Real Estate
    • Social Enterprise
    • Strategy Consulting
    • Technology Management